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Samsung sued by Florida man burned by exploding note 7

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It was bound to happen eventually. It was just a question of when. With it’s exploding Note 7 devices often causing serious damage to owners, it was only a matter of time before Samsung was slapped with a lawsuit.  The company was sued on Friday by a man claiming to have suffered severe burns after his Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploded in his front pants pocket.

As per Jonathan Strobel, the explosion occurred on September 9th. He claims to have suffered second-degree burn on his leg and burns on his thumb, caused by his attempts to remove the phone from his pocket after it exploded. The lawsuit brought in by Mr.Strobel is seeking recompense for his medical bills, suffering and lost wages that were caused due to the accident.

A Samsung spokesperson said that his company was aware of the situation, but refused to comment on it any further. He concluded by stating that,

We are urging all Note 7 owners to power their device down and exchange it immediately.

Which is something we already knew. Meanwhile, the timing of Mr. Strobe’s unfortunate accident will have a very important bearing on the results of the case. While Samsung had already issued an unofficial recall before the explosion, the official recall, had yet to take place. This may cause the case to lean in the suer’s favor, once the court convenes for a hearing.

Meanwhile, this case may have serious repercussions for the South Korean company. Apart from setting a precedent that wil have to be kept in mind while answering the claims of others burned by the exploding Note 7s, the case may also give a verdict on Samsung’s guilt in the situation. Also, depending upon the decision here, Samsung may have to ready itself to pay out a significant sum to those harmed by Note 7 explosions.

By Thursday, there were around  92 reports of overheating in the US alone — causing around 26 reported burns and 55 counts of property damage. Apart from the money, Samsung is probably much more concerned by the damage suffered by its reputation. However, what’s done is done and sometimes, damage control is the only option. Meanwhile, almost 85 percent of the sold Note 7 devices are still out there in the US, further compounding issues for the company.

The case is Strobel v Samsung Electronics America Inc et al, Florida Circuit Court, 15th Judicial District, Palm Beach County.


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