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FBI sued by Associated Press, Vice Media over San Bernardino iPhone hack

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There was a huge controversy earlier this year, when the FBI got into a tussle with Apple over the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. While the FBI wanted Apple to help it break into the device, the company rejected the appeal over grounds of consumer privacy. After appealing to the courts, FBI finally managed to break into the device by different means. Now, a group of media organizations are suing the security agency for information on exactly how it did it.

The Associated Press, Vice Media and USA Today parent company Gannett conclude the trio of companies that have jointly filed a lawsuit against the FBI. The lawsuit has been brought in to obtain information upon how the FBI managed to crack open the iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker without turning to the tech giant for help.

The agency had apparently sought the help of a third-party for the feat. FBI Director Comey had said that the method that broke into the San Bernardino iPhone cost the security agency more than he will make in his remaining seven years at the organization. Considering that Comey will make around $1.3 million in his remaining tenure, the break-in appears to have come with a heavy price.

And that is exactly what the media agencies want to know. How after all, did the FBI manage to get past Apple’s highly secure systems?

As per the lawsuit, it has been brought for,

basic contracting information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) regarding one of its most publicly-discussed and controversial acquisitions: A technological tool openly purchased from a third-party vendor that was used to circumvent the need for a court order to access the locked iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the perpetrators of the mass killings in San Bernardino, California.

So basically, the media organizations want the security agency to tell them how it managed to get past Apple’ supposedly unbreakable security systems. No doubt, it will make for an interesting, 9’o clock news story.

Meanwhile, there isn’t much chance that the courts will actually grant a decision against the FBI. Even not taking the “National Security” concerns that the FBI is probably going to throw against the lawsuit, there is only a very slim chance that any court will force the security agency to reveal sensitive information — Particularly when its National Security against TRP ratings.

However, that is just what I think, let’s wait and see how the judiciary reacts to this lawsuit. No doubt, Apple is going to have something to say about the matter too, but the company has not issued any official statement so far.

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