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Twitter unveils brand new feature for businesses with Customer service accounts


Well, Twitter appears to have prepared a huge stack of updates somewhere, that it is rolling out one at a time. A day after it rolled out a TV application for Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, the social networking platform has announced yet another update. This time, the service being rolled out is aimed towards helping businesses with a presence on twitter, interact with their customers in a more productive manner.

Okay, so if you have a page for a business on Twitter, you will now be able to tell everyone whether or not you provide customer support through that profile. The option can be toggled by visiting the brand new Customer Support settings page on the Twitter Dashboard website.

Turning the option on basically tells the world that you provide customer support through that particular Twitter account and also opens you up to Direct Messages from everyone, regardless of whether you follow them or not. Also, visitors to your page will see a larger and much more prominent button for direct message. Businesses can also display their support hours so that customers will know what is the best time to tweet or send a DM in order to receive the speediest assistance.

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The feature was being tested by various prominent corporations such as @AppleSupport, @Uber_Support, @BeatsSupport, @ATVIAssist (Activision Support) and it appears like it has proved itself to be of some use. Hence the public roll out.

Another advantage of the humongous DM button, could be the fact that it totally takes over the space otherwise occupied by the Tweet To and the Direct Message buttons. Considering that customers rarely take to a social networking platform like Twitter to express their gratitude to the company, the DM option means that the companies would be able to participate in a conversation and solve the problem of a likely frustrated customer, without making a public spectacle of the situation.

It also puts Twitter on par with Facebook and several other social networking platforms, that have traditionally provided businesses with similar facilities.