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Battery Wars: Now, Microsoft flays Google’s Chrome battery life claims

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And the war of words over the effect of different browsers on your computer’s battery life continues. What started from a video by Microsoft — in which it blasted the effect of Google Chrome on the battery life of its Surface Book Pro Tablets — and led to Google releasing another video in response, has taken yet another turn. This time Microsoft has taken a dig at Google, rubbishing its claims that its updated Chrome 53 is a better substitute with regards to battery.

Apparently, Microsoft performed another test with its Surface Book devices running the latest versions of both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. By latest, we are talking about Chrome 53 and the Edge from the Anniversary Update. While Edge managed to last for as long as 8 hours and 47 mins, Chrome came in third at 6 hours and 3 mins of battery life.

If you remember, Google released a video last week, in which it refuted Microsoft’s claims of Edge being a better choice for browsing as far as battery life is concerned.

In case you get a better idea of what is going on with percents, that means that the system on Edge managed to outlive the one on Chrome by almost 45 percent. The test also included other browsers with Firefox coming in fourth while Opera lived up to its reputation for efficiency by coming in second at 7 hours and 8 minutes. However Edge still takes the crown by lasting 23 percent longer than Opera.

What’s more, it appears as if the choice of streaming service also has an important effect on the final results. The above results were obtained by looping a Netflix video, however, Microsoft also gave it a shot with Vimeo videos — just to drive their point home.

The Chrome team recently released a similar video where they focused on comparing the latest version of Chrome to a release from last year to demonstrate some improvements, however they didn’t include other browsers in this test. Because the format was so similar to our tests, we shot a second video to compare like for like, this time using their methodology: looping a video from Vimeo, instead of Netflix.

Interestingly, Edge still came out on top, however the margin was significantly reduced and Edge managed to last merely 11 percent longer in this particular test. However, Microsoft did say that the version of Edge parcelled with the Anniversary edition was almost 12 percent more efficient than its predecessor.

Attempting to drive even more nails in Chrome’s coffin, Microsoft will soon be releasing data from millions of machines that will point towards Edge as the more efficient browser of the two. That said though, Chrome is still by far the more popular browser and Microsoft will have to do far better than just compare notes over battery efficiency, if it wants to make a dent of any sort in Chrome’s following.


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