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Email client CloudMagic rebrands as Newton, switches to a hefty subscription-based model

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Emails are one of the most significant modes of communication today. For businesses and at work places in particular, a concise, reliable email service is a must. Which is exactly where CloudMagic — Now Newton — comes into play.

CloudMagic is basically a service provider that can be plugged into any email client. Once integrated, it significantly enhances and adds to the pre existing capabilities of your email service — allowing you to make the most out of it.

Formed around three years ago with the aim of providing an e-mail service that was inherently robust as well as future ready, CloudMagic seeks to be the one stop solution for all your mailing needs. The company started out with two basic goals in its mind, one — a simple, pleasant and engaging User interafce and two — the ability to work with the push notification feature of different providers.

Why these two features first? Why not say, unlimited storage or some other features, rather than the UI? Well, because the UI is one of the first things that hits you while deciding upon an email service provider. A good looking UI is basically half the battle won. And of course, notifying users of their emails is pretty important too.

Meanwhile, the company continued with its attempts to enhance its core offerings. And even though it incurred server costs for every new user that signed up to use the app, it did not seek any payments at that stage.

Even though we dabbled with various payment models, we knew it was wrong to expect users to pay for a backend service that was invisible or for an app that was not feature complete.

However, once the company reached the point it wished to, where it could provide its users with all their basic requirements, it was decided to ramp things up a few notches and build a platform with advanced features. Enter Newton.

Newton is the second, major step along rhe company’s drive to provide users with a one stop solution for all their mailing needs. As per a blog post on the topic,

As of today, CloudMagic is graduating to be a more mature product and identity –Newton

The new service offers users a whole world of new, powerful features that have been built on top of the secure and reliable CloudMagic Platform. So basically, its CloudMagic with some all new, innovative and disruptive features — actually, a lot of them.

The new e-mail add on comes with features like Read Receipts — so that you know when someone has read your sent mail — Snooze, Send Later, Sender Profile, Connected Apps and even Undo Send. The service can also be deployed to work across multiple devices and email addresses.


The platform works through apps for different platforms — such as Android — and can be used to receive, monitor and respond to your emails from a single panel. In all fairness, there are plenty of email service providers. And some of them, such as Gmail, are pretty good as well. However, Newton seeks to go the extra mile by offering options and features that are not available elsewhere.

Unlike CloudMagic, Newton is not a free product. However, if you are someone who regularly depends upon you email for communication, the service may just be worth taking a good look at for you.

For now though, you can check out Newton’s capabilities by signing up for a free trial period that will grant you access to the full breadth of Newton features. You can choose to continue or discontinue the service after the 14 day trial expires. If you decide to go with the former though, the yearly Newton subscription will cost you anywhere around $49.99.

Meanwhile, existing CloudMagic users will be able to notice the changes that have been implemented by simply updating the application on their device. Updating will replace the limited CloudMagic with the significantly more powerful Newton email client, that will offer users a taste of the host of new features — albeit for 14 days, unless you take the subscription.

Users who have already paid for a Mac app or Sender Profile, will automatically get 1-year subscription to Newton absolutely free — in what the company calls as a humble show of gratitude.

So yes, if you are looking for a unified service to enhance your email experience, or if emails form a part of your daily communication routine, taking a look at what Newton has to offer may be worth some of your time.

Meanwhile, visit www.newtonhq.com to know more about the service and its associated features. You can also download the Newton application and try it out for iOS, Android and Mac by kick starting your 14-day free trial today.

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