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Twitter rolls out TV applications for Apple, Amazon and Microsoft

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Attempting to grow out of your smartphones, Twitter has rolled out applications for Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV. The latest update means that the social networking platform will let its users view content on their televisions and is likely to play an important role in growing its audience.

This update, if it had come only a few years ago, wouldn’t be worth much notice. After all, who wants to watch their tweets roll by on a 40-inch television. However, Twitter is no longer limited to just the 140-word  paragraphs and this partnership is way more powerful than it would have been, say a couple of years ago.

Twitter has been seriously ramping up its capabilities in recent months.  The company has obtained exclusive rights to live streams of various popular sporting events such as NFL Thursday Night Football games, and users will be able to view the content using Twitter’s TV application. There are also other significant partners such as, Blomberg news, who will be providing content to its users.

Meanwhile, Apple TV users will also be able to view live feeds side-by-side with tweets about the top and trending topics on their televisions. Besides, they will also get access to top Vines and content from Periscopes. And you can depend upon Twitter to continue engaging in new partnerships and collaborations to increase the content available to its users.

Speaking on the topic, Anthony Noto, Chief Financial Officer, Twitter, said,

Twitter has always been a great complement to TV, and now fans can enjoy even more premium video with live Tweets, and the best content on Twitter, right from their TVs. We’re excited to introduce this new experience to people, without requiring a paywall or having to log in to Twitter.

He also said that this was an important step along his company’s second screen strategy. And thinking on it, the potential for popularity is certainly there. You could be watching a match on your screen and could be reading off the tweets alongside. This could well be a huge attempt towards the socialization of the Television.

What’s more, people don’t even need a Twitter account, or even cable or satellite subscriptions to access the High Definition Streams. While that may make tracking and customizing content as per the particular needs of the user more difficult, it will also ensure that a much wider audience is available for content consumption — content that comes from Twitter.

Meanwhile, this marks yet another attempt by the social networking platform to take its services to as many platforms as possible. Recently, the company added another skill to Amazon Alexa’s portfolio, when it enabled Alexa to read off tweets to users, among other things. It was an important update that brought Twitter within easy reach of millions of new audience.

Meanwhile, these attempts are extremely important and have a huge bearing on Twitter’s future. The core app growth has slowed down significantly in recent times and stocks have fallen down by as much as 35 percent in the past year alone. The company appears to be making huge efforts, innovating and disrupting the normal order of things in order to turn the business around. This latest attempt is yet another significant step along the same road.


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