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Flipkart is handing out awards to the best of India’s gaming community!

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Are you an avid gamer? Is gaming your passion? Well, Flipkart has announced the Flipkart Gaming Awards for India’s gaming community. They are not limited to just the players either, but are aimed towards recognizing and honoring the best of games, designers, gaming accessories and consoles as well.

In case you are wondering about Flipkart and its association with gaming — well, its not exactly new. The e-commerce portal had previously hosted the “Flipkart online Gaming Championship” as well and the new awards are basically a continuation of the same. The month long tournament featured exciting prizes for the best of the best in games like FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

The company appears to have decided to ramp up things a bit. It’s interest in the niche stems from the fact that gaming is one of the key pillars of Internet economy and is one of the most rapidly growing segments as well. As such, Flipkart, the poster boy of India’s online economy, is quickly moving to carve itself a place here as well.

Speaking on the topic, Adarsh K Menon, Vice President, Electronics and Auto, Flipkart said,

The Indian gaming ecosystem has been growing at a rapid pace, with Indian gamers emerging as major contenders on the global gaming scene. The Flipkart Gaming Awards is an acknowledgement of their achievements. Along with the Flipkart Online Gaming Championship, we are optimistic that this award will add to our efforts towards building and nurturing a healthy gaming ecosystem in the country.

Meanwhile, the awards will be distributed across different areas such as games, consoles, gaming accessories & eSports gamers, and will span different categories such as PC, Console, Games, Accessories and Others. There is a two tier process for the selection of the winner as well. While the nominees for the awards will be selected based on the popularity of their products, the winners will be determined through public polls to be held from September 13th to 20th, 2016.

The company has already created a specific website for this purpose and will be directing users to it through social media platforms, where they will be able to vote for the nominees and otherwise join in on the fun.

Meanwhile, this is also a significant departure from the plans Flipkart had for the gaming industry just last year. The company was actually planning to exit the niche altogether after it received poor results for a few quarters. However, in a complete volte-face, it has instead decided to take a greater hand in developing the gaming ecosystem in India. The awards will also help it generate awareness about its platform as a destination for gamers as well as gaming product brands.