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Ratan Tata’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday

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And it happens yet again. Twitter really seems to be attracting hack attempts the way an angel investor attracts funding requests. This time it is the Tata Group’s Chairman Emritus, Ratan Tata, who had fallen prey to cyber criminals.

Apparently, Tata’s Twitter account was infringed upon by a person/people of unknown identity, who then went on to make spurious tweets. The social networking platform caught on to the antics on Saturday and tha Chairman of  Tata and sons had his account restored to him yesterday.

Informing everyone about the attack, Tata Tweeted,

Shocked my a/c was hacked yesterday & spurious twesent with malicious intent. Tweet deleted, a/c restored.

The spurious tweet in question has since been removed. Suffice to know that it involved Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Mukesh Ambani of the Reliance Industries and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For those who were liable to be unsatisfied with this 140 character messages, Tata also offered a more detailed explanation through a link.

Shocked that my Twitter account was hacked yesterday and a spurious malicious tweet was wrongly attributed to me. This spurious tweet has now been deleted any my Twitter account restored. I regret the inconvenience that this malicious and wrongful action may have caused.

Tata isn’t really what you would call an avid user. Although his Twitter account boasts of over 6.13 million followers, he has only made 119 tweets so far. That said though, the potential for damage is pretty great when you can get a message to over 6 million users with the click of a button. Which may be one of the reasons why Twitter jumped to action so quickly.

Meanwhile, the attack again highlights the severe security flaws Twitter has found itself battling lately. Attempts to hack accounts on the website have reached an all time high and alarmingly, many more of them are succeeding now — landing unscrupulous elements into the accounts of huge personalities and giving them the power to reach a huge, huge audience that often runs in the millions.

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