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Twitter launches Amazon Alexa app to read off your tweets and mentions for you

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Are you really lazy? Like, can’t be bothered to read your own tweets lazy? Or perhaps you are just busy with other, more important stuff and find yourself missing out on things that have been happening on Twitter. Well, the social networking platform has launched a brand new app that has you covered — provided you have an Amazon Alexa device.

The application can do a range of stuff that mimics what humans usually do while on Twitter — that is, provide you with information on currently trending topics or deliver information from your own account. Working with app is pretty simple too. Simply authenticate it once from your account and you are set to go. Simply say “Alexa, Open Twitter” and wait for Amazon’s assistant to start speaking.

Amazon and Twitter have already worked out a bunch of common commands you can use to get information out of you account on the social portal. Here are some common commands to get you started:

  • Alexa, ask Twitter for my own tweets.
  • Alexa, ask Twitter has anyone retweeted me?
  • Alexa, ask Twitter for my Mentions.
  • Alexa, ask Twitter what is happening?
  • Alexa, ask Twitter for the trending topics in *your area*.

and so on and so forth.

The ability of Amazon’s voice assistant to be able to receive and spit out the information for everyone on Twitter is in question — I mean, what would happen if PM Modi, with all his followers, tried to ask Alexa if someone retweeted him? — however, it is certainly a start. And we can expect Twitter and Amazon to continue improving the skill.

While Twitter will have another mode of disbursing information to users and keeping users hooked, Amazon has received yet another application to add to it’s rapidly growing portfolio of Alexa applications. As per recent information, the app store for these so called “Skills” has already grown to include over 1,400 apps — a significant number when you consider that this is a complex and relatively new field.

The newest inductee also bears testimony to the pace with which Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is growing. While it’s not the oldest or the best voice assistant around, the innovation Amazon is bringing through its Alexa based devices is proving to be a compelling reason for making a purchase. Google, Microsoft and Apple — with their Assistant, Cortana and Siri respectively — may do well to take a leaf out of Alexa’s book.

You can turn the brand new Twitter Skill on using the the Alexa app on mobile or the web by authorizing it to access your Twitter account.

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