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Latest Twitter update introduces read receipts, typing indicators and more to make it a more IM friendly platform


Twitter has been slowly aligning itself towards a more message centric approach — one it hasn’t usually been associated with. While the Direct Messaging feature on the platform has improved significantly, it still lags behind competition. Well, Twitter has rolled out a brand new update today morning that is bringing read Receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews to the service.

The feature comes at a time when almost every other messaging service — including the ancient, obsolete SMS in some cases — has accepted these features as natural. Twitter kept from introducing these features — perhaps to maintain its unique identity and stick to what it’s known for — for a long time, however, the company has finally relented and is rolling them out.

First off, you will now be able to know when someone has read your message — no more ignoring! — and Twitter will also display the Typing sign for you when the person at the other of the conversation is busy punching in his message to you. Both these features have been available almost everywhere else for ages, with the latter making its way to many social networks, after it gained popularity through instant messaging applications.

However, there are times — and pesky people — when you just don’t want to be rushed into sending an answer or when you simply don’t want to talk to someone but don’t want to appear rude by not responding after a read receipt has been sent. Well, similar to how things happen in WhatsApp, you can turn the feature off so that neither you nor the other people in the conversation will be able to know if you have read each other’s messages.

Meanwhile, if you are part of a group and post something in it, you will be able to know which people have seen the item you shared. The platform will also make a note of “Seen by Everyone” when the whole group has viewed your message.

Twitter will also be offering users preview of web links — that’s when you punch in a website address and a small box appears that has details of the website — starting from iOS 10, which is arriving soon on September the 13th.

Well, ever since Twitter decided to let go of the 140-character limit from it’s direct messages last summer, the DM have certainly become more useful. I mean yes, the character limit made sense with regards to your posts, however, what was the point of imposing a limit on messages? That kind of destroyed the point of free, uninhibited communication, right?

Meanwhile, with this update, Twitter has shown that it is finally taking it’s messaging service mainstream. The timing of the announcement is also makes you wonder if the Board meeting yesterday was responsible for pushing these changes. Meanwhile, Weather it will be enthusiasm that greets this announcement or not, is a question only time can answer.