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With headphone jack’s removal, Apple continues to defy legacy tech

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I seriously pity you, if you just spent another few thousand bucks on buying that beautiful, sleek looking pair of earphones at the airport shop, because – hey people – wired headphones are soon going to be a thing of past.

Phil Schiller, rather boorishly, seemingly declared the headphone jack as a thing of the “past” or some ancient technology. Phil actually behaved like any inconsiderate ex-boyfriend, saying “we were not meant to be”. And the humble old headphone jack, which has been around since 1800s when it was also used in cryptography, simply faded away.

Apple has been known to be a pioneer of new experiments and technologies that later become the “thing” which the entire globe adopts (read: Samsung). But this came as a blatant shoo away from a legacy that we all grew up with, as it seemed from Phil’s attitude.

So, no more entangled wires in your closet? Probably! While Apple will still be giving out a lightening based adapter to be put in the port you use for charging, to use your “old” headphones, but this is definitely the beginning of the end, per se – The end of entangled wires, beginning of an all new wireless era!

This is well, not the first time Apple is being rude to legacy tech – Floppy, CD, 30 Pin, HDMI and now the Headphone Jack. However, lucky it must feel, that headphone jack got a place for 32 years since the first Mac, while the other legacies took only around 15-18 years on an average for Apple to break up with.

Everyone (like in every relationship) wanted to know the “reason” of doing away with the iconic jack, and Apple had a one word answer to it – ‘Courage’. To quote Phil,

The courage to move on and do something new that betters all of us.

Well, point taken, Phil (hoping that Indian startups would learn something from this).

AirPods that Apple has introduced, are reportedly based on groundbreaking technology driven by the Apple W1 Chip. It claims to have an extremely efficient wireless for a better connection and improved sound. With fancy features such as voice accelerometer, which recognizes when you are speaking and touch sensor (To Talk to Siri on a double tap and so on), AirPods are surely going to be the next level technology.

The icy silence at Apple’s event on the announcement of the death of the headphone jack was an amazing thing to witness. The awkward moment was more of a “RIP” thing for the jack, rather than surprise. Well, honestly speaking, we do look forward to more such innovations and surprises from the Tech Giant. Let’s guess what would be on the crosshair next – the volume buttons? Although, a part of me hopes that they kill the “Snooze” facility some day, making life so much happier!

More Power to Apple!


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