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Google finally responds to Microsoft’s browser comparison antics

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It has been some time since Microsoft compared various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and their very own Edge using a bunch of Surface Books running simultaneously. This comparison really fired up things between the two with Microsoft claiming that Chrome was a real battery hogger. Although Google didn’t react at the time, it has finally come up with a response of its own.

According to Microsoft, the test revealed that among all the browsers, Chrome was the one that drank up the maximum battery juice and was actually quite awful for your laptop’s battery life. The video even snidely pushed chrome users to shift toward a better browser, which was — you guessed it — Microsoft Edge!

The video that Google recently uploaded consists of a Surface Book that illustrates that advancements that Chrome 53 has made compared to last year’s Chrome 46. So in a way, Google has trained Microsoft’s own guns on it.

With Google’s brand new material design, Chrome got updated few days ago and also packs some pretty remarkable improvements in it’s effect on the device’s battery life. However, Chrome was only analyzed using HTML5 videos in Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook, and as such one cannot comment on how it will perform while browsing other, usual websites.

Google professes that you will get two additional hours of battery life while using the Chrome 53 when contrasted with the last year’s 46 version. This was just for Windows, however while talking about Mac, Google reported similar results. Chrome now munches 33 percent less energy than it used to during normal usage like watching videos, browsing images and scrolling aimlessly.

So yes, Chrome 53 appears to pack battery preserving capabilities that are significantly better than the 46 which was mauled by Microsoft in its video. Its still a Surface Book and the Chrome 53 did really well. So there you have it Microsoft. So, who is betting that a video comparing Chrome 53 and the Edge browser surfaces — pun intended — next?