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Apple Watch Series 2 is here

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And the big day is finally here folks. Apple is finally here with it’s goodie bag and is showing off some absolutely fabulous and fantastic products. We just had a look at the Apple Watch series 2 and we can’t wait to introduce you to this super exciting beast.

Apple has outdone itself, literally. CEO Tim Cook was quick to point out that the Apple Watch is the second most selling smart watch, and holds the top spot in customer satisfaction. However, from what we are seeing unfold before our eyes, the Series 2 is better, by a significant margin.

Okay, so let’s quickly get the basics out of the way so that we can move on to the really good stuff. The watch is square — just like it’s predecessor — and comes with a customizable watch face where all the magic actually happens. The device packs a brand new, dual-core processor called the S2, that according to Apple, is 50 percent faster than its predecessor, with double the graphics performance.

Also, the display on the new watch is brighter than any display ever shipped by the company. So, weather it’s bright sunshine or the depths of a coal mine, you can always watch the time and catch some pokemon.

Okay, so while advertising its original Watch, Apple often used the term splash proof. That meant that your watch could have a casual encounter with some water — say you clumsily knocking down a glass of water at a table — and could shrug it off. However, you can deliberately take the new watch for a swim in the pool and it would still tell you the time and let you catch pokemon without a hitch. The watch is water resistant for upto 50 meters deep and its redesigned speakers can let the water out on their own, once you are done with cavorting in the water.

And it can also provide you with the calories you burned off while in the water.

Apple analyzed 700 swimmers with different body types and used blood sample for lactic acid samples, to give you the most accurate calorie count!

Wait a second. Pokemon? Where the hell do they keep popping from here?

While speaking about the various apps that have made their way to the Apple watch over the course of the years, a rather surprising event occurred. Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke suddenly took to the stage to announce that — Yes! Yes! Yes! — Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch! The game play was also displayed on stage and seems to be pretty fun, despite the rather cramped space. The watch can tell you how far you have to walk for eggs. You can also see which Pokemons are nearby and then, you can take out your iPhone to catch them all!


The game is slated to ship to the Watch, by the year end. And just like that, Apple has given folks another compelling reason to buy the Apple series 2 Watch.

The company has also introduced GPS to the watch — an announcement , that was greeted with a huge roar from the crowd. The company also demoed a hiking application called ViewRanger that seemed to work well with telling users turn-by-turn hiking directions along with the route progress. The app can also warn you if you stray too far from the pre-set route. And guess what? You will also receive all sorts of interesting facts and trivia about the trail you are on! Nice touch that.

The Apple watch series 2 comes in a variety of material — including Ceramic. How cool is that? However, don’t relate it to those porcelain mugs you have to handle with so much care. This ceramic is 4 times as strong as stainless steel and can take any bashing you throw at it.

Sports lovers have a special edition of the Apple watch coming their way. Nike is partnering up with Apple to bring Apple Watch NIKE+ for you. Put the watch on and you can start running almost immediately. Just yell Siri to start your run and you are all set to go.

There is also a special event kind of thing called “Just Do It Sunday” where you are invited to run beside people from all over the world. The Apple Watch Nike+ is available in four different colors.


The Apple Watch Series 2 is available in different variants, materials and colors. However, you can get the base model for $369.

That’s it with the Apple Watch Series 2 folks. We are coming back with more exclusive and in-depth coverage soon. Meanwhile, do catch all the recent happenings at our live blog, right here.

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