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Apple is probably ready to remove the home button from the iPhone 7

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If losing the headphone was a traumatic experience, get ready to say goodbye to home button on the new iPhones. Yes, rumors coming in from various sources are pointing towards a future that may have iPhones, but not the Home buttons. And that future is coming here, i mean, like is almost already here!

Apple is never shy of ditching a few of the features from their iPhone iterations. Looking back in time, we have seen the click wheel on the first generation iPods, and more recently, the headphone jack and the volume keys set out on the path of the Dodo. This is just in keeping with the Cupertino based tech giant’s motto “Think Different”, which makes sure that it never gives a second thought to losing certain components in order to completely revolutionize the devices on offer.

So, we already know that the iPhone 7 and its sibling, the iPhone 7 Plus are predicted to have no room for the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is a major shock in itself. You must have heard about this if you are an apple geek and have been following the persistent rumors and reports.

However, the news that is making waves now has to do nothing with the volume button. but instead, it has to do with the introduction of a brand new capacitive, touch sensitive surface that may be about to replace the faithful old home button — which has been the companion of the the iPhones since the series’ inception back in 2007.

This digitized home button will be a pressure sensitive screen, which uses the force-touch technology — that is actually nothing but the 3D-Touch found in the new MacBook as well as Apple Watch. It will also provide haptic feedback, which means that you will get a slight vibration when the surface is deep-pressed, simulating the sensation of a button press(signaling the interaction between the user and the machine).

Although the overall experience is good enough and may even feel real up to some extent, replacing the objectivity, tactile aspect and functional characteristics of a physical button is not going to be easy. After all, the Home button was almost the only thing you saw on the front of the device apart from the screen, and no that is going away as well.

Apple has actually been working on the TDDI(Touch and Display Driver Integration) which makes the design possible — since quite some while, but the fingerprint scanner was not included. However, the newest iPhone could possibly flaunt both the technologies working in unison, where the scanner would be embedded beneath the glass or the screen.

According to rumors, Apple may go with this drastic change to the design because it will allow the company to increase the screen size without making any changes in the size of the devices. According to KGI’s analyst Ming Chi Kuo, this design would also bolster the waterproofing capabilities of the phone.

Apple chief designer, Jony Ive envisions a radical transformation for the tenth anniversary iPhones launching next year. and wants the device to look like a single sheet of glass that provides an edge-to-edge screen. And to fulfill such ambitions Apple have no choice but to do away with the physical home button.

Stay Tuned! Catch up with all the updates from the keynote event as we liveblog it tonight at 10:30 PM.

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