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The iPhone 7 is coming in hours, and benchmark tests say that its too fast and powerful

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Apple is all set to launch their latest installment of the iPhone in a few hours and one needs no introduction to intense hype brought about by the event. And as one expects a myriad of speculations had been snowballing for the past couple of months. However, we’ve now received some concrete data in the form of results of a benchmark test.

One of the more reliable sources of data is the results of a benchmark test that popped up on Geekbench earlier today. The test focuses mainly upon the powers of the brand new, super-powerful A10 processor, which certainly appears to be capable of driving the device to astonishing speeds.
Geekbench evaluated the iPhone version 9.3 — Don’t be confused by the name, it is really the iPhone 7 Plus. The dual-core, device with it’s 2GB of RAM packs an A10 processor that is actually responsible for everything that happens under the hood. And the tests have managed to prove that there is some seriously dope stuff inside the iPhone 7 Plus’s sleek and shiny new body.
According to Primate Labs, the processor scored 3379 on the Geekbench test of single-core, compared to a meager 2526 score of its predecessor, the A9 deployed by the iPhone 6S plus. With 5495 as the multi-core score, it leaps way beyond the capabilities of the A9, which managed a meager score of just 4404.
Meanwhile, don’t for a moment be tricked into thinking that this is because the processor inside iPhone 6S Plus is no good. As everyone who has used the device will testify, the 6S Plus’ processing capabilities are certainly top-notch. However, the A10 is just a processor on an entirely different level. The processor also proved itself to be at least the match of it’s arch-rival, Samsung’s Exynos 8890 — which powers the Galaxy Note 7 with Snapdragon 820 –scores less or around the similar range .
Meanwhile, the A10 processor is speculated to power both the iterations of iPhone 7, i.e the smaller 7 as well as 7 Plus — which is good as it wouldn’t have been fair to folks buying the iPhone 7 otherwise.
If the rumors are true, iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus would certainly live up to the high expectations everyone has of them. We will know for sure once Apple finally unveils its devices, in a matter of hours now. Stay tuned and don’t forget to watch the official unveiling with us, while we provide you with a live update of the proceedings at the keynote event.

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