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iPhone 7 to come in Five Colors, Water Resistance, Dual 12MP Cameras on the Plus Model

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Apple’s most exciting event of the year is right around the corner. The company is preparing to launch the next iteration along its iPhone series, the iPhone 7, soon and we have managed to unearth some very likely speifications for you.

This particular piece of news comes from KGI securities analyst Ming-Ching Kuo, who has brought out a detailed report on the impending iPhone release.

The report sums up many important points about the upcoming iPhone 7 and its enhanced sibling, the iPhone 7 plus. Considering that Kuo has built up a reputation as a credible go-to guy for iPhone reports and rumours, we have a bunch of interesting stuffs to share with you.

Okay, so at first glance, the device is remarkable by its similarity to the iPhone 6. Previous iterations of the iPhones, 4 through 6 can be characterised by their drastically different appearances and specifications. For example, their sizes have progressively increased by a fair margin.

The devices have also been made available in a multitude of colours. As per reports, the iPhone 7 will come in piano black, dark black, rose gold, gold and silver hues. A piano black iPhone? Whoa! What’s more, the piano black model will also have a glossy finish.

We expect the iPhone 7 to come in piano black, dark black, rose gold, gold and silver. Only the piano black model will have a glossy finish. Given high production barriers, large-storage models may have first priority in adopting piano black casing in the initial stage.

Meanwhile, the large-storage models may have first priority in adopting piano black casing in the initial stage. So if you want to own a premium device,  you gotta pay the premium price.

The waterproofing has been ramped up as well and now matches that of the original Apple watch. This means that you can take your iPhone into the shower or even to the pool — as long as its less the one metre deep.

The ever faithful headphone jack is gone as well. The 7 series shall not have a headphone jack and instead, Apple will be providing consumers with both Lightning EarPods and a Lightning to 3.5 mm jack adaptor with the box. In case you are wondering about Apple’s reasons for removing the jack, well, it has led to an upgraded speaker and a new sensor for improved Force Touch. And of course, the overall looks of the device have also been improved.

Despite the same size and resolution as the iPhone 6, the 7 will offer better colour, thanks to the wide colour technology adopted from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The iPhone series has always been known for its fantastic cameras and 7 is sure to delight photo geeks and camera buffs as well. The Dual-lens rear camera on the 7 Plus in particular, is a treat but is also likely to boost the price of the device.

Interestingly, both the lenses will be 12-megapixel, however one of them will be a wide-angle camera with larger pixel sizes. However, you cant discount the second one either as with optical image stabilisation, the second lens is pretty awesome too.

Apple has really gone all out with the camera and the rear lenses are accompanied by a total of four flashes, two of which are warm and the other two cool.

Another huge upgrade is the proximity sensor, which has graduated from LED to Laser. Not only will it enhance the proximity sensing capabilities of the device, but also has the potential to be expanded into gesture recognition.
However, sales of the latest iPhone are expected to be only average and may even be unable to reach the 82 million set by iPhone 6 last year. iPhone 7 is expected to do around 60-65 million sales this year, as much because of the slow manufacturing as because of Apple’s fortunes, which many saw are on a slow decline at the moment.

That said though, Apple devices are still hugely popular. The upcoming scion of the iPhone series has a lot of stuff to recommend it however, a lot also depends upon the price tag attached to it. If reasonable, we may see an Apple comeback with people fighting to buy the device. However, a too heavy one may induce people to stick to their their iPhone 5 or 6.

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