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Take a look at LG’s Windows 10 touting refrigerator

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So Microsoft is working upon a prototype fridge that will let it tell you about the goings on inside. However, while that still has a few years to go, we have another shelf-ready fridge that is almost as cool with Windows 10 integration. Yes, Windows 10. On a Fridge.

So we are back covering the IFA folks and there is a brand new, future ready fridge here that is extremely, fantastically, absurdly cool. LG has somehow managed to plant a fully functioning tablet on a refrigerator’s door and has a finished product, that looks like something the martians left behind.

Okay, so what you have here is a fridge, that has a huge 27-inch tablet affixed to the main door. Large, Responsive and possibly unique, the tablet makes LG’s iceboxes pretty damn awesome.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, you can also turn the big touchscreen surface translucent, and get it to reveal the fridge’s contents behind it, without ever having to open the door once. Something to show off tose of your guests, eh?

So yes. If you haven’t been able to get Microsoft’s Windows 10 bundled with your PC, now is your opportunity to get it with your fridge. Of course, the platform does make on think about all sorts of interesting possibilities, such as using Cortana.

I mean would you able to use Skype? Ask cortana to keep a record of whoever visits the fridge at night and eats all the sweets, or even tell the user about the temprature and other situations inside. The fridge isn’t ready to do all that just yet, however, with a couple of updates, it may just be ready to do much more.

We don’t know if that would be possible at all, and the kind of stuff you could actually do with it. However, we do know for certain that you can watch videos, news, check out recipies and so on using the fridge from LG.

Details about the price and availability are not available at the moment, however, chill. We are just as cool as any fridge out there and will being further details to you, as soon as they are released.

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