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Microsoft is making refrigerators way ‘cooler’ with a shot of Artificial Intelligence

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After all kind of appliances –needed and unneeded — were made smarter thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft is finally bringing its Cortana suite to your fridge — yuuup. The company is doing it in collaboration with Liebherr’s appliance division, and we actually love what we have seen so far.

The very idea of the product, and the vast possibilities it entails, actually is awesome and I am having trouble finding enough words in its praise. The fridge will literally be able to tell you if you are running out of milk! I mean what more can you ask of life?

The company is deploying its Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API. It will be able to let the fridge identify the multitude of objects contained within. And wait till you hear the main reason why it is so awesome.

Most machine learning application improve their capabilities by use, right? I mean the more you use the application, the more it will learn. And in most of the cases, all these devices are connected to a vast global network that is able to share data with each other.

These refrigerators work upon a deep learning algorithm model. While we are sure that Microsoft will launch it pre-loaded with the capabilities to recognize a lot of stuff, the real use of its potential will take place once it goes into world wide circulation.

Once in use, they will be able to tap into a vast, rapidly increasing global network and hopefully learn new food types based upon its experience from processing millions of generic foodstuff. I mean we all have weird stuff in our fridges thst we don’t recognize anymore, however, these smart fridges will be able to do the job for us and hopefully, also tell us if the said thing is fit for human consumption — although that is probably beyond today’s technology.

By the way, did you notice something? We have already, sub consciously started taking the artificial intelligence factor into account. I mean c’mon, i am using “they” to refer to a group of fridges, and yet considering their capabilities, I am equally willing to stand by my choice of words.

The market already has fridges that can say, let you look inside remotely and check out if you need to bring something home. However, Microsoft is taking the game to a whole new level.

The system is also designed to have a long lifecycle and will use Modular units that can be integrated and upgraded. So, you can basically add new modules to upgrade and improve upon the existing system.

Meanwhile, future Liebherr refrigerators will basically take up a significant portion of your regular, butler’s responsibilities. Not only will they be likely to notify you in case you are running out of some essential ingredient.

Also, who know? A system that automatically lets your fridge order whatever it thinks you may need next? It may even take your diet plan into consideration and keep the stockpule stocked accordingly.
You can also monitor the already stored groceries using internal cameras and object recognition technology.

Apart from capturing images, this process also recognizes individual food items inside the refrigerator. The whole information is then automatically stored into an inventory list, which will then let the customer take note of everything in the refrigerator from anywhere.

However, dont expect to buy it in the next month or so. The current system is still just a prototype, although the deep learning technology deployed by it has matured and is quite powerful. Liebherr and Microsoft are also continuosly working to improve these technologies so that your fridges in a few years, can actually provide you with the complete answer to almost all you kitchen needs.

So the next time your fridge yells at you to close the door behind you, well, welcome to the future!

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