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You can now connect displays to your MacBook without adapters

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A brand new innovation brought about by HDMI Licensing LLC to the HDMI specification has made several important changes, which will be able to certain of Apple devices, such as the 12-inch MacBook to connect to external displays without the need for even an adapter.

External displays are often needed. Weather its making a presentation, or watching a movie on a huge screen, you need to connect your systems to the display using an adapter — that is until now.  Why HDMI Licensing LLC? Well, the company is actually responsible for licensing the HDMI specifications.

Up until now, 12-inch MacBooks had to use an adapter to connect to any external display using HDMI. However, companies will have to manufacture specific USB-C-to-HDMI cables that will be able to support the HDMI 1.4b standard. However, once they do that the cables will let you support 4K resolutions on all sorts of external displays such as monitors, TVs, and projectors.

However, the display quality may be slightly compromised. As per our information, MacBooks have been limited to a 30-hertz refresh rate, while most other displays using regular cables are capable of almost double the output. Why should that concern you?

Well, the videos we see on an screen are actually nothing but a series of images that are shown to us in a rapid progression so that our brain intercepts it as though actual motion. That means, a higher refresh rate will subsequently leads to better video quality.

Now, questions are being raised over if the 12-inch MacBooks are actually capable of projecting 4K content onto external displays. After all, Apple didn’t really manufacture them with 4K content in mind did it? Well, the situation could change later this fall once Apple launches the updated models for iMac, MacBook Pro and certain other of its devices.

As per our expectations, the updated models will be likely to support USB-C and should also be better able to handle 4K content. And well, it is Apple we are talking about, so the company is also said to be working upon a brand new 5K display.

Well, who is up for some dazzling 4K/5K content on an external display?

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