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Sony announces camera updates for its Xperia X Line, and a new wireless headset

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The season is booming with respect to announcements from tech manufacturers who are delighting us with their high tech gadgets at IFA 2016. Sony has brought out a brand new wireless headset for its consumers. The company has also introduced a couple of new technologies that will drastically improve its camera capabilities.

Sony has integrated what it has taken to calling. the triple image sensing technology, which is actually built around its Exmore RS sensor, into its cameras. The improved cameras come with the Xperia X line, the flagship 5.2-inch XZ and 4.2-inch Compact.

The tech has been combined with Predictive Hybrid AF for facilitating better shots of moving objects and also Laser AF, which does the same job for low light conditions should help get good shots in low light.

The camera will also bring along a new RGBC-IR (red, green, blue , clear and infrared) sensor, that will help auto-correct white balance based on the actual color of the light source. This technology is pretty high end and the integration will further improve Sony’s cameras which are already pretty great.

Note that while the company the company has drastically improved the camera, it is not going overboard with the Mega Pixel count. Instead, its improving things at the very foundations. Also included is the intelligent Active Mode — that Sony borrowed its camcorders — and a five-axis image stabilization technique.

You also get a 13 MP front camera that is capable of taking 4K pictures. Both the devices also come with a IP68 waterproof rating and have Snapdragon’s 820 processor inside.

Now, moving on to the ear pieces, Sony’s wireless headsets are really something else when it comes to blazing music into your ears.The company’s newly released MDR-1000x are actually great at cancelling out external noises, letting you focus on the music alone.

The way these headsets can be controlled is pretty interesting as well.By using a pair of speakers to muffle out ambient sound, the headphones are capable of adjusting automatically to one of three different sound situations. Plane, train/bus and office, depending upo the level of ambient noise around you.

You can actually cover the right earpiece with the palm of your hand, this will signify something special to the headset and it will amplify human voice, and will serve almost as a hearing aid, filtering out all the ambient noise. There are also a variety of controls available on the right earpiece and you can use them to customize your hearing experience.

The battery backup on the headphones is also pretty awesome.You can rock them for almost 20 hours once they are fully charged. However, you can also attach wires to run them continuosly if they should happen to run out of juice.

The headphones also support Hi-Res audio. Sony has integrated it with it’s very own LDAC Bluetooth codec leading to an impressive audio output. However, you need to sync the headsets with a device that comes from Sony’s own portfolio, say the Walkman line.

Also, in case you are wondering about the comfort quotient, which has been an issue with some of Sony’s audio products when used for long, well MDR -1000x are pretty great. You can easily wear them for hours and hours without much discomfiture.

The headphones can be pre-ordered and you can do so by visiting Sony’s official products webpage. They will be hitting the shelves on the 16th of October so, better hurry if you want one. Although they are a bit pricey at $399, you won’t really need to buy anything else considering Sony’s great audio quality and the features these wireless headphones pack.

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