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PlayStation Now streaming service is now available on Windows PCs

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Christmas has come early this year for Gamers. In case you’ve been craving to try out that awesome PlayStation game, but couldn’t because you lacked the rather expensive PlayStation system. Well you don’t need it anymore. Sony’s Playstation Now subscription-based game streaming service is finally available for PC!

So, if you have a PC and a reliable Internet connection, you can enjoy a bunch of premium, legacy titles straight from Playstation’s vaults, for free.

Obviously, the service is not free and indeed, may be slightly expensive for those used to playing titles on PC. You can stream these games for a 12-month period by subscribing. You can expect a price revision soon, however, Sony is in a celebratory mood for now and a 12-month subscription will set you back by approximately by $99 as part of a limited-time promotion deal to celebrate the launch.

To compare, the same subscription on the Playstation will cost you about double the money. Subscribers will be provided access to over 400 games including a specially curated library of 50 ‘Greatest Hits’ games. The titles also include legends like Mafia II, Tom Raider: GOTY edition, Borderlands and Heavy Rain.

Now, to move to the advantages and disadvantages of the service, its not for hardcore gamers – unless they want access to have a system they can carry around and play games on. There is certain to be a marked difference in the game play experience, as far as PS and PC is concerned. Sony is probably mainly aiming it at casual gamers who don’t have a PlayStation in their possession.

However, if you are out to get a taste of what playing games on the Playstation feels like and don’t want to spend a mad amount of money, well there you go. The PlayStation Now subscription is meant for you.

You can download the PS Now application for PC by clicking right here.

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