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Ink Math assistant in OneNote now helps you solve those not-so-good looking math equations

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You may no longer have to dread those scary looking math equations in your homework. Microsoft is taking its digital note taking app, OneNote to an altogether different level, especially for math students. It recently announced a number of updates to OneNote out of which Ink Math Assistant seems a pretty interesting feature.

It will automatically convert handwritten math equations to text and show the steps required to solve it. The inking feature already recognizes shapes and convert handwritten equations to text in Word. Now with Ink Math Assistant, you just need to add a circle around the equation using the lasso tool. Then you will see a window popup in the right drawer containing step by step instructions to solve that equation.

Talking about this feature, Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of Office team wrote in a blog post,

“This intelligent assistance makes OneNote your math coach and pairs nicely with Editor, the recently announced intelligent writing assistant in Word. Together, they make Office an even better partner to help you achieve more in your learning journey.”

Ink Math Assistant will be available in OneNote mobile app for Window 10 to Office 365 subscribers. In addition to this math assistant, Microsoft has also introduced Ink Replay feature in OneNote. Using the feature, you will be able to rewind and replay the sequence of ink in making a particular note.

This will help you identify changes made by other people as well as if your handwriting is not that good to recognize. This feature will also come to Powerpoint, Word, and Excel 2016 to Office 365 subscribers.

Moreover, if you want to add a bit of style and sparkle to your digital notes, you can now find new inking effects in rainbow, galaxy, gold and silver colors in OneNote mobile for Windows 10.

Many students use OneNote as a digital notebook by writing in their own handwriting using a stylus. This functionality, called as Inking by Microsoft has seen a lot of improvements this year with company trying to strengthen OneNote as sole note taking app required by any user.

The company has also enabled a feature called Windows Information Protection for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Onenote for Windows 10 tablets and phones. It allows you to mark content as personal or for work.

So, you can easily separate your work notes from personal ones and give access accordingly. The feature will come to Windows desktop as well in coming future.

In addition to OneNote, Microsoft announced a significant update to Office 365 Insider Program. Just like Windows Insider Fast Ring, users or developers can now take part in Office 365 Insider Fast Ring program to get access to more frequent updates and changes to Office 365 apps.

Initially it will be available only for Windows desktops, Mac and Windows Mobile. But, according to company, it will bring it to Android and iOS soon.

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  • OneNote’s math “assistant” is a nice feature, but studies show students can learn best and actually internalize the material better when receiving one-to-one tutoring. The YUP app connects students with a real human (most come from MIT or Stanford) who walks the student through the problem step-by-step, answering any nuanced questions along the way.