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Google may replace Nexus with a new brand lineup this year

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Die hard fans of the Nexus series may be in for an unpleasant unwanted surprise. In a break from tradition, Google is about to leave the path it has trod on for almost 6 years. The company, according to several reports, will refrain from launching any Nexus devices this year. Instead, it may introduce its flagship phones under a new name.

The news comes as a bit of a shocker to everyone. After all, HTC is working on Nexus devicex, right? Well, it may turn out that the device we were calling as Nexus Merlin, has an entirely new name.

There is a certain bit of irony there. After all, Google began the Nexus series with the HTC made Nexus One in 2009. The most recent iterations of the series were the 2015 launched Nexus 6P and 5X. In this time, Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei have all been Google’s manufacturing partners.

However, rumors say that Google has had enough of piggyback rides. The company is now looking to showcase its own brand and build a value for it. It is also being said that additional software and a tweaked interface with the vanilla Android will be added to the new line. If true, it would be in tandem with Google’s current way of doing things. Which has made its Nexus series, a sort of premium, closed door device thanks to all the exclusive apps it packs.

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Meanwhile, various other sources, such as serial leaker Evan Blass, are also talking about the next flagship from Google to be a new device. Radical changes are expected in the button layout, color scheme and a Settings app hugely different from the Nougat-touting 6P and 5X

Well, if Google wants to bring out its own smartphones, so it will. The company has been dropping hints, as when Google said that it wanted to become more opinionated about smartphones. The devices are expected in the fall, which is when Nexus is usually unveiled. It may be a bit too much to expect Google to release an all-new smartphone, giving further credibility to the rumors.

Meanwhile, Google as a smartphone manufacturer? Well, what can i say? It doesn’t appear that the company is going to go to full on manufacturer mode in the near future. However, the fact that its interest in the way its devices are manufactured, marketed and sold may point to a future which as Google competing with the likes of Samsung, HTC and LG.

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Well, Nexus devices were never so popular so as to call this the end of an era — assuming that these rumors are actually true. However, they do have their own following. Assuming Google to take a greater hand in the manufacturing of the new lineup, it won’t be surprising if Google actually move into the manufacturing process in a few years

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