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Microsoft makes it easier to report hate speech on its hosted services

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Internet is a place where you can find all sorts of content and opinions. While it has definitely made the world an interconnected village but it has come with its disadvantages as well. The most prominent of these is the misuse of the power of the internet to indulge in hate speech on online forums. Microsoft has introduced new steps to tackle down this issue in a speedier and more effective manner.

The Redmond giant today announced a new web form for directly reporting hate speech on forums hosted by the company. In a blog post, Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft Chief Online Safety Officer wrote,

“We understand and appreciate the nuance and complexity of these issues. Our hope is that with these steps, we more directly address hate speech on our hosted services; improve transparency in how we are tackling this offensive content online, and help to foster Microsoft communities where acceptance, inclusion and civility are the norm.”

As per the post, Microsoft won’t allow content or speech that promote hatred on the basis of Disability,Gender, National or ethnic origin, Religion, and Sexual orientation/gender identity.

Previously, the company followed a “notice and takedown” approach which it will continue to follow. However, with the help of new form, the process will be much faster. Users can instantly complain to the company if they face any such content.

The team of Microsoft will personally evaluate and consider every complaint on the basis of context and other factors. It will take appropriate action on the basis of content and user account.

In addition to reporting content, Microsoft has also announced a separate form to request reconsideration and reinstation of removed content. It will review its decisions to remove content on the basis of this form and will reinstate the content if appropriate.

Jacqueline Beauchere also revealed that Microsoft was working with a broader online community comprising of governments, tech companies, online safety advocates to combat offensive online content.

It has recently joined a group of social media and video sharing firms to support The European Commission Code of Conduct. It is a joint effort to counter illegal online hate speech and prevent unlawful public incitement to violence and hatred across Europe.

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