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Niki.AI launches a highly capable bot for Messenger, and it can do a hell lot of things for you

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India’s very own artificial intelligence startup, that has been making waves with its work in the domain, has launched a bot for Messenger and is bringing multiple services and brands into Facebook’s fold through its intelligent chat bot.

The company made the announcement through a press release in which it also provided the details of the services that were to come under its bot’s awning.

A few month’s ago, we talked about how the prospects of intelligent bots on Facebook had the potential to revolutionize the way business and online transactions are done by bringing them all on a central platform. The bot is the most recent proof of just what we were stressing at the point.

The bot is capable of doing multiple things for you. Weather it is booking cabs, paying your utility bills — including electricity, DTH , postpaid, data card — or even doing mobile recharges, the Nikki messenger bot is your man. It manages to combine all these services and more in a single chat interface, letting users have a central command of sorts for a variety of tasks.

niki-ai-messenger-bot-1Another big plus in the bot’s favor is the fact that you don’t need to install any applications. It makes doing a wide variety of tasks as simple as popping in to messenger — which a lot of us do anyways, everyday. There is no need to sign-up anywhere either, as your Facebook account suffices for the task.

The bot is also unaffected by variable factors such as low battery,  2G network and so on. Many applications would have trouble placing a request for your service under these conditions however, since you are basically just chatting while deploying the Niki bot, it is unaffected by all these issues.


Most importantly though, the bot has integrated and managed to fit the payments experience into the premises of messenger itself. So you aren’t redirected anywhere and there is no need to open a portal or download an app to pay for things. With this Messenger bot, it’s all possible on Facebook.

Speaking on the topic, Co-Founder Shishir Modi said,

Through PayTM, we are powering the first of its kind in-chat payment option which allows the users to completethe entire transaction without leaving chat or the messenger ecosystem. With PayU, its a link based payment system to pay using credit card, debit card and internet banking.

The company has partnered up with a wide variety of brands in order to get them on board. Although with the brand name behind it, it probably didn’t had much trouble convincing them to join the party. The Niki Messenger bot is available to users on the Android, iOs, Web and Windows platforms.

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Meanwhile, this marks a milestone in the use of bots on Facebook. We can certainly expect users to take an interest considering the huge Facebook audience and the wide variety of services available on the platform. If the bot picks up, it will act as the prelude to a new era in Facebook driven commerce.

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