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DIPP plans a reality show and an exclusive channel for startups in India

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Of all the initiatives to boost startup ecosystem in India, this might just be the most interesting one yet. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion(DIPP) has reportedly written to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to telecast a reality show based on startups on Doordarshan. Not only this, it has gone a step ahead and proposed a separate channel for startups just like DD Kisan for the agriculture segment.

According to a report in the ET, DIPP wants to start something like Shark Tank. The reality show had originated in Japan and is quite popular in the US. It features startup owners and entrepreneurs who participate in a competition to grab funding from investors.

“We will hire an agency to scout for startups and investors to feature on the show. Actual funding will be provided to the winners,”

said a senior DIPP official.

The reality show will see entrepreneurs pitching ideas in front of a panel of judges, mentors, and investors. The panel will in turn grill the participants with questions and activities to determine the potential of their idea. So yea, it sounds like a Roadies for Startups and a much more sensible reality show, if one may add.

An even more exciting prospect is that of a separate channel for startups and budding entrepreneurs. Explaining about the same, the above-mentioned official said,

“Just like there is a channel for kisan (farmers) there can be one for startups. “

And we cannot agree more on this. Apart from serving as a platform to get funding as well as popularity for startups, such channel will also serve as an excellent medium to make school students and general public aware of entrepreneurship.

The government want startups to come up with effective solutions to common problems like drought,soil conservation, agriculture, energy and other segments. It also plans to organise a Grand Challenge competition for innovative startups and entrepreneurs at the national Startup Fest in Hyderabad next month.

Notably, DD Kisan is also a comparatively new channel which runs 24 hours and shows relevant programs for farmers.

Such initiative could also boost the government Startup India plan which has so far met with a lukewarm response. Out of 10000 crores set for startups, the government has only sanctioned only 168 crores so far.

Moreover, even startups have failed to meet regulations by the government for tax exemption. More than 750 startups had applied for exemptions under Startup India plan but only 3 startups managed to meet requirements. Through this initiative, more startups can hope to get exposure as well as learn various things from startups appearing on the reality show.

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  • Here’s a better idea: OPEN THE DARNED MARKET! Stop placking caps at 49% and make it 100% FDI AUTO! Spending millions in advertisin on taxpayer money? And they call it ‘boost’? Toss off.