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‘We expect to give you good news in 10 days’ : Govt. on Wi-Fi access in flights

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“Please fasten your seat belts and turn off any electronic devices in your possession,” Anyone who has traveled on an Indian airline is well familiar with the routine. Cellphones are turned off and without any connectivity, we are forced to spend our journey the primitive way — looking out of the window, reading a magazine or simply twiddling our thumbs. However, all that may be about to change as the government considers allowing Wi-Fi on board.

Aviation secretary R.N. Choubey on Wednesday said (via Livemint), that the question of allowing Wi-Fi connectivity on board Indian flights has been taken up with the concerned departments and some significant announcement on the matter may be made soon.

There is broad understanding and expect to give you good news in 10 days.

As things stand now, Indian airlines do not offer Wi-Fi on board due to a couple of reasons. One, due to government imposed safety measures and two, because offering the service would be simply too expensive for Indian carriers. In face of these two issues, none of them currently have Internet on-board.

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However, the government’s announcement may pave the way for a change in things. Although, the government has refused the possibility of imposing any sorts of caps on the pricing, leaving it at the carrier’s discretion. Post the announcement, they must decide if providing Wi-Fi in the skies is profitable for them or not and act accordingly.

Well, there are always going to be people willing to pay for Internet connectivity, no matter how exorbitant the price.

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