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Reliance launches Cloud X WAN, a cloud computing service for enterprise customers in India

Reliance, GCX
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Moving into the cloud space, Reliance Communications is launching a cloud-centric service called Cloud X WAN through its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange (GCX). The service is aimed towards enterprise customers and has been tagged with a special consideration for the price-conscious Indian market.

Cloud services are quickly growing in the country with various startups mushrooming up in the space. However, Rcom is one of the first corporate majors to extend feelers into the space. The company professes to offer seamless connectivity and double bandwidth at existing price points — an attempt to entice customers away from others in India?

Meanwhile, the company’s ambitions aren’t limited to India and the Cloud X WAN will reportedly provide cloud-based services across the planet, using the company’s proprietary Cloud X platform. Along with the rest, the service will also provide users with Cloud Telephony, letting business customers enjoy a local area network like experience while connected to the internet.

While speaking about the services, Reliance said that Cloud X WAN is actually an evolution of GCX’s existing hybrid WAN service. The GCX is a well-established platform that is a lready responsible for connecting over 20,000 locations to a global Multi-protocol Label Switching network through the Internet. Reliance bumping it up to include cloud computing is likely to bring in more customers, specially enterprise ones, to the service.

A pretty great thing about the service is that businesses subscribing for it are required to pay for it on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that you only pay for what you use up — another plus point in the service’s feature. Speaking on the topic, Bill Barney, CEO, RCom and GCX. said, 

In today’s market, it is evident that SD WAN is rapidly gaining momentum as it offers an innovative way to adapt traditional WANs to cloud services.

Speaking on the topic Braham Singh, Senior V-P, RCom (Enterprise) and GCX said,

A simple SD WAN router will form the basic building block, carrying out instructions from a centralised SD WAN controller.

He also said that the device will form an important part of getting customers on-board and will be controllable through a virtual portal in real-time.

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