Tesla stocks surge in anticipation of impending product announcement

And Tech industry’s favorite playboy is back with some brand new product announcements! Yup, we are talking about Elon Musk, who is about to pitch some awesome — Hopefully! — Tesla product at noon PT (3 PM ET) this very day. Meanwhile Tesla stock has surged up by over 2 percent on the NASDAQ in anticipation of the news.

The billionaire-playboy-serial-entrepreneur took to the social media to announce the upcoming announcement, sharing a brief statement that had Tesla stocks moving in the upwards direction.

Tesla product announcement at noon California time today.

Meanwhile, the market is all abuzz with rumors of whatever Musk is about to announce. I mean an announcement like this, something just tells me that it is going to be pretty interesting. There is no saying for certain, considering the range of verticals that the company operates in, however, autonomous car-tech stands out as a likely candidate.

The sector has been having a significant amount of activity in the past couple of weeks. First we had Uber announce a self-driving fleet for the streets of Pittsburgh by the month end, then we had a whole bunch of acquisitions that included self-driving truck technology startup Otto.

Finally, very recently we had ex-Tesla partner Mobileye enter into a collaboration with Delphi to put together a Turnkey system by 2019. It only stands to reason that Tesla, a significant portion of whose current business strategy is riding upon self-driving and electric cars, will announce something impressive in the niche as well.

Also, if you remember, Musk made an announcement a few weeks ago, in which he hinted at something huge from Tesla, that was coming.

What we’ve got will blow people’s minds, it blows my mind …it’ll come sooner than people think.

Has that time finally arrived perhaps? Well, we will know either way in a few hours. Frankly though, with all the hype that has been built around the self driving technology in recent days, it will be a tad disappointing if Tesla doesn’t make some news of its own in the field.

Well, personally i am keeping my fingers crossed for an announcement involving cars, be it autonomous tech or another one of those fascinating electric cars from Tesla. Or maybe even a combination of the two? Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves. The announcement is around the corner and we will know for sure in a few hours. Until then, stay tuned!

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