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Apple releases 7th developer beta for MacOS Sierra

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Yes, it is finally here. Last week when Apple released iOS 7th developer beta, every one of us was wondering if MacOS, tvOS, or WatchOS would also come. Now the Cupertino giant has at least released the 7th developer beta for MacOS Sierra. And the latest version comes with much-awaited features revealed at this year’s WWDC.

However, we recommend you to get the developer version only if you have a strong reason to do that. This is because it is most likely going to have a lot of bugs and performance issues which may badly affect your system. You can wait for the public release or public beta if you cannot wait for that long.

Having said that, this update does carry a lot of interesting improvements. The Photos app now comes with automatic recognition of faces, places, or things in an album.

It can also arrange them into intelligent collections. You can also find the collection of your old photos under a new tab called ‘Memories’. Messages on MacOS have got more closer to iOS Messages in terms of features. They now have rich links so you can preview any web content within the app, such as watching a video clip.

MacOS Messages have also got larger emojis and tap back options which allow you to respond to messages with emojis itself.

However, the most important update is that of the introduction of Siri in MacOS. Siri would perhaps replace a majority of functions of Spotlight. You can ask Siri to search for files, set reminders, find a particular photo.

You can also control many functions of your system with Siri such as turning on/off WiFi, adjusting volume or carrying FaceTime calls, and similar functions. The web browser Safari has got a picture in picture feature for watching videos like some select iPads.

Most apps like Mail, Maps, Pages, and TextEdit have got Tabs similar to Safari in this update. In addition to new features, the update carries a lot of performance tweaks and removed bugs from existing versions.

In addition to 7th developer beta, Apple has also released the public beta of 6th version. You can download macOS Sierra beta 7 from the Apple Development Center or over the air. However, you need to be enrolled in in the Apple Beta Software Program for this.

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