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Microsoft launches its workflow automation tool Microsoft Flow on Android

microsoft flow
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In order to make workflow automation easier for people, Microsoft had come up with Flow earlier this year. Later, it made it available for iOS and now the company is further expanding it by launching it on Android as well.

Microsoft Flow is a workflow management tool, similar to IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier. These platforms generally help you automate daily processes using different web services. Meaning you can set up a cause and effect link between those services to perform a particular task.

For example, if you want to send tweets with a particular hashtag to your Slack account, you can do that automatically. Similarly, if you want to receive a text notification for email, you can set that up.

Among the above three services, IFTTT has been widely popular among people. It supports more than 300 popular services including WordPress, Dropbox, Twitter, Drive, etc.

Microsoft has focused Flow particularly on integration between various Microsoft apps and other enterprise apps. So, you will find Microsoft tools and services like Yammer, Office 365, PowerApps, Dynamics CRM in Flow along with other commonly used services like Salesforce, Github, and MailChimp.

Using Microsoft Flow you can collect and organize business data automatically, synchronize files between various accounts, and automate approvals with instant alerts and similar things. There are preset Templates which further simplify the process of creating a workflow between popular services.

At present, there are 43 services which are supported by Microsoft Flow. Through the mobile version of Flow, users cannot set up new workflows but can monitor and manage existing ones set up on the web. They can do actions like enabling or disabling workflows from running configure alerts or checking the history of the workflow.

The app has an Activity Feed section where users can find their recent actions. They can search the feed and filter the results. They can also discover issues related to the workflows visible in the activity feed.

You can find the Microsoft Flow Android app on the Google Play Store.

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