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Indian government foils attempts to hack a PSU Bank

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Cyber security has emerged as a real threat not only to companies but also the whole government system. And we have seen many cyber security reports in which India is almost always one of the favorite targets of hackers. Recently, hackers attempted to hack the system of a public sector bank. Fortunately, the government took timely action and prevented the attack.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley revealed this information in a recent question-answer session in Lok Sabha. He said that RBI and other banks have taken required security measures after these hacking attempts.

Technology firewalls are created to check hacking. If the financial system is hacked, then there is a threat to the entire banking network,

said Jaitley.

This year we have seen two major cybersecurity reports by Symantec which showed the state of cyber security in India. According to one report , India emerged as the second ‘Most Favoured’ Destination for ransomware and was sixth most cyber-attacked country in Asia.

Another report published in May revealed about an advanced cyber espionage group called Suckfly. The group conducted long-term espionage campaigns against high-profile targets including government and commercial organizations in India. Later, a Kaspersky report revealed that a Chinese hacker group called Danti may have attacked the Indian bureaucracy.

Moreover, the number of cyber security cases has been constantly on the rise over the past 3 years. India witnessed registration of 5693 cyber security-related cases in 2013, 9622 in 2014 and 11,592 in 2015. And in all probability, the number of hacking attempts will only increase with time and we better prepare for them in advance.

However, it is not that the government has not begun taking any measures. Recently, Union Minister of State for Home Kiran Rijiju admitted that the cyber war was real and the government was preparing for it.

And it is about time that it takes some serious steps to counter such attacks in future as well. This latest success of the government in avoiding a hacker attack on bank seems to be a positive news in that aspect.

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