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The Google Play Store also severs ties with Google Plus

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Google Plus (do people still use it? ) is one of the rare projects of Google which did not see a widespread acceptance among people. Once pegged as a competitor to Facebook, Google presented the platform as a way to have a uniform identity across all Google platforms. However, users did not like that idea. So, Google began disconnecting it from its other platforms. And now, you do not need Google Plus for posting reviews on Google Play as well.

A Techcrunch report confirmed the various rumors which have been going around in media after some people reported that they were able to post reviews on Play store without a G+ profile. The report said that Google indeed confirmed the same and said that “a G+ profile is no longer needed to post a review.”

It all started when many people reported that the G+ sign was no longer there in the Play Store. Some people tried to post reviews without signing in with their Google Plus profile and they were able to do so.

However, it seems like Google is still rolling out the changes because some users including me, found that the G+ sign was still visible and there was no option to post reviews without signing in.

Google has been distancing many of its products from Google+ for the past two years or so. It really began after the creator of Google+ , Vic Gundotra left the company after serving for eight years.

The search giant first began by removing those G+ links from the top navigation bar of its products. Then last year, it removed Google + from its Photos app and launched Google Photos as a standalone app.

Later, Google also disconnected YouTube from the Google+ so people did not need to make a Google+ profile to do activities on YouTube.

Clearly, the fate of five-year-old Google+ does not look very promising from here onwards with major platforms under Google not requiring it anymore. Strictly speaking, it is still alive but for how long it will stay like this, we will have to wait and watch.

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