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Zeta Interactive is planning to spend $10-20 million on acquisitons in India

zeta interactive
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Zeta Interactive, the big data and marketing company valued at over $1 billion, is eyeing Indian market closely after beginning its operations in the country last year. According to a report in ET, the company is looking to spend about $10-$20 million in India for acquisition purposes.

Initially, the firm is looking to acquire a company that can help it find local clients for its business across categories like e-commerce, travel, financial services, and healthcare.

Commenting on their plans, CEO and founder of Zeta Interactive, David A. Steinberg said,

During my eight-day visit to India, I had several meetings with big data analytic startups and we might close the deal with one very interesting player but will continue to scout for more before we finalise the investment.

Zeta Interactive basically offers marketing platforms based on big data and analytics. It is behind marketing of some of the most renowned brands such as PayPal, Ikea, Ralph Lauren, and others.

Former Apple CEO John Scully along with David Steinberg had founded Zeta Interactive in 2007. Last year the company raised about $125 million from GSO unit of The Blackstone Group. At that time, it was valued at over $1 billion propelling it into the famed category of unicorns.

Last year, it also expanded its presence in India with an aim to sell its products in the country. It boasts of over 500 employees in India and plans to double this number in next two years. Now, it is looking for a company with a quality sales force and strong software infrastructure. It plans to integrate that infrastructure into its system while it sells its products in India.

Zeta Interactive has made some high-profile acquisitions in recent times. Last year in November, it had acquired the CRM division of eBay enterprises for about $80-$90 million. More recently, the company acquired the marketing division, Acxiom Impact of Acxiom for $50 million. The company claims to have 840 clients which has now grown to 900 after the latest acquisition of Acxiom Impact.

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