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Yahoo partners with Hulu to launch a TV viewing app ‘Yahoo View’

yahoo view
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Online streaming of TV and movies is said to be the next growth engine for companies. While we have dedicated players in the segment (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), it is now Yahoo which has launched a separate TV viewing platform called Yahoo View. It has partnered with streaming network Hulu to offer its free content on the website.

Yahoo View will feature free TV shows and movies which are available on Hulu. Viewers can watch the latest five episodes of shows from networks like ABC, NBC and FOX. However, the shows will only be available eight days after the original broadcast.

Talking about the partnership, Yahoo’s VP and head of media partnerships, Phil Lynch said,

This was a natural extension of Yahoo’s video strategy and an opportunity to marry Hulu’s free premium content and current programming with our highly engaged audience of entertainment fans.

The platform will also have movies, Korean dramas, British and Latino content, anime in addition to TV shows. Like Hulu, there will be short clips, trailers and other behind the scene videos available on Yahoo View.

However, the unique feature of Yahoo View will be its integration the blogging platform Tumblr to offer a community experience to viewers. Tumblr is full of entertainment fans, blogs, and communities surrounding latest TV shows and discussion forums.

While watching shows, viewers can also search and browse through Tumblr to find out more about plot twists, characters, actors and discuss the latest happenings in any TV show. They can also create, edit, or share GIFs and short clips from the shows.

When they are browsing Tumblr, the video will continue to play on the top of the screen. Commenting on this integration of View and Tumblr, VP of Lifestyles Product at Yahoo, Jess Lee said,

Community can be really powerful in creating a great service. Yahoo knows that with Tumblr. Yahoo View is our first step toward creating a powerful community TV-watching experience, but it’s really only the beginning.

Notably, Hulu is moving towards a paid subscription based model and will no longer support free TV on its platform. It already has about 12 million paying subscribers and will focus its efforts on them. The free content on its platform will be available through other channels such as Comcast in addition to Yahoo View.

As far as monetisation is concerned, Yahoo View will come with ads but it won’t be able to run ads inside the Hulu player. However, it can monetise the platform through other ways including ads on website. At present, Yahoo View is available on desktop. However, the company plans to launch a mobile website and Android and iOS app in the near future.

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