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Uber planning to expand its team at the Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad

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Well , we all were expecting this sooner or later. After selling off its China entity to rival Didi Chuxing, Uber has already started taking action in India. According to a Livemint report, the company is planning to hire 150 people in next few months for its Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad.

Notably, the facility at Hyderabad is the only Centre of Excellence of Uber in India. It had started the facility earlier this year post its $50 million investment in Hyderabad last year. It gives support to both drivers as well as riders. The facility now plans to further ramp up the support through hiring more people.

Commenting on the same, Uber India head – Community Operations, Bansi Kotecha said,

Responsiveness is at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to build a support network in India that ensures a seamless experience before, during and after every Uber ride.

At present, the facility has over 350 people who are handling support for Uber partners as well as customers. It is the first such facility in Asia which has been built to provide rapid and efficient support experience. Through this facility, it is also offering telephonic support for the first time to drivers in India who are not comfortable with email communication.

The CoE also boasts of an emergency response team which provides support in case of safety issues. It also offers support for large global accounts of Uber which use its key enterprise product Uber for Business.

Overall in India, Uber has employed over 600 people for carrying its operations in various areas including sales and marketing. Recently, the company revealed its plans to take that number to 1000 by the end of this year.

Last year, Uber had committed an investment of $1 billion in India to expand its services. Earlier this year, it topped that amount with an additional $500 million for expansion and partnerships.

The huge investment in India over the past two years has ensured that the American cab-hailing service is slowly gaining pace and closing in on its Indian rival Ola. In fact, Uber India CEO Amit Jain recently claimed that they already have 50% market share in terms of trips completed by the two companies.

The company also claimed they it witnessed a 26 times growth in India in the year 2015.  However, Ola has also made similar claims in past. For now, there is no reliable way to gauge the comparative position of these two companies.

However, one thing is sure that after a showdown in China, Uber is getting more aggressive in India. This is because India is its third largest market (second largest if one now ignores China) in terms of the number of trips.

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