And Xiaomi seems to a smartphone company on Steroids! After unveiling its budget offering Redmi Note 3S yesterday, the Chinese manufacturer is now putting any and all rumors to rest and introducing its VR headset to the world.

Entering the vast world of virtual reality, Xiaomi has today announced its entry-level(and upgraded) alternative to the widely-recognized Google cardboard called the ‘Mi VR Play‘. And why wouldn’t it!?

Xiaomi is one of the top manufacturers that is known for introducing quality products at budget prices. And it has done the same with its first virtual reality headset as well. It knows very well that not everyone has a couple thousand bucks lying around, that are required to purchase an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. But everybody in today’s world owns a smartphone and that is the only thing required to use the Mi VR Play.

The Mi VR Play is a fairly basic headset in terms of design, but still provides a sleek, lightweight, ultra-comfortable Lycra-built body. The anti-reflective, optical-grade aspheric lens embedded in the headset provide maximum clarity, couple with an immersive 2D/3D VR experience. The VR headset is built to easily accommodate any 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch smartphone. And the anti-slip strips on the headset help keep the smartphone secured in its position and aligned with the optical lenses.

Now that you know the basic specs of this VR headset, you just need to pop-in your phone into the two-way zip pocket — which protects your phone from falling — on the front of the headset. Once you’ve put in your phone, power up Xiaomi’s Mi VR app, which contains curated VR content from partners including the likes of Conde Nast Traveler and YouKu.

Hope you’re enjoying the details of this cheap and basic VR headset. But, there’s a sad news!!

The ‘Mi VR Play’ is currently not available for purchase, not even in China where it has been launched today. The VR headset is currently available to a select number of beta testers — which is actually tens of thousands — who’ve earlier signed up to volunteer for the same. And for these lucky beta testers, the VR headset would actually be available for a meager RMB 1 (15 cents).

Don’t be disheartened though! Xiaomi is right on its part to thoroughly test the product and fix any nooks or crannies before making it widely available to the global audience. And, the company has also assured that, once Mi VR Play is launched, it will be available in a selection of styles — bold prints and colors.

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