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Pokemon Go touches $160 million in revenues with slightly improved user engagement

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And Pokemon Go continues to grab headlines with its user engagement maintaining even after its initial surge in popularity. After crossing 100 million installs recently, the game is now recording new heights in revenues as well. The app data firm App Annie reveals that the game has touched $160 million in revenues.

This is a commendable feat for the game which has been launched for just a few months. Normally, users hardly spend any money on the in-app purchases of a new game. But in the case of Pokemon Go, the users did not wait too long to start grabbing Poké-accoutrements from the Poke shops.

It is another matter that Nintendo won’t be benefiting directly due to this increase in revenues as it had said earlier. In the recently disclosed earnings call, there was hardly any impact of Pokemon Go’s success on its revenues. However, the company has reportedly started seeing an indirect benefit to its other Pokemon based games.

According to a gaming magazine Famitsu, since Pokemon go, Nintendo is witnessing an increase in shipments of games like Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. These games are designed for the 3DS handheld device. Their shipments have doubled in Japan reaching 8000 shipments weekly in last week of July compared to 3241 shipments in the first week of July.

Commenting on the same and upcoming launch of new Pokemon based games, Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said,

It is true that since Pokemon Go’s release, interest in Pokemon has risen and sales of related games have risen globally. The mood has become positive ahead of the November launch.

Coming back to Pokemon Go, the game received an update recently due to which many users were complaining of changes in the gameplay. Moreover, all those third party apps like Pokevision which helps players in catching Pokemon characters have also shut down due to company’s objections.

However, that has not affected the user engagement. The users are still spending an average of 26 minutes per day in the US. And this is, in fact, a small increase prior to the update.

The users are also opening the app on an average of six times per day which is same as earlier. The sustained user engagement is in itself a huge testimony to the craze of AR based game.

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