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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes bundled with new Skype features

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The highly anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update has finally been announced and it comes with tons of new upgrades. Microsoft is also releasing a new UWP version of the Skype for Windows application, that apparently, has been designed from scratch.

The application, besides having a cool new dark theme, is very closely integrated with the operating system and can be used to do things that were not possible with any of its previous versions.

As per a blog post on the topic,

We worked closely with the Windows team to build a new Skype. We redesigned the app from the ground up so that Skype works seamlessly with Windows 10, taking advantage of the Universal Windows Platform. Starting today with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we are rolling out a faster and easier way for Windows 10 customers to use Skype.

Okay, so the changes. First off is the all new dark look, which looks pretty cool. In keeping with the thought that the app was being custom built for Windows 10, Microsoft has gone for a dark theme that matches Windows 10’s own darker look pretty well. You can of course, opt for the brighter, blue and white variant as well but the theme is set to black by default.

The application has all of the features from the original Skype to make sure that you don’t miss out on communicating with your loved ones, however it is also introducing several new ones. For example, you can still go for one on one and group voice/video calls, one on one and group chats, dial mobile and landline phones, share files, photos, screens, videos and so on. On the other hand, the deeper integration means that you can now reply to messages directly from the notifications, rather than having to open the application.

The application is still available as “Skype Preview” in Windows. In case you have been using the Skype video and messaging application, they will be replaced with the Preview version after your PC has been upgraded to the Anniversary edition. However, if you have been using the application for desktop, it will be business as usual until you launch the new Skype Preview, and sign-in for the first time.

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