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LinkedIn (finally!) forays into video, starts with allowing influencers to post 30 second Q&A clips

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Video-based content is already the centre of attraction of all major internet companies. Facebook is aggressively expanding its video content to fight against YouTube whereas other social media companies are also not behind. And now Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has also joined the party, although a bit late, and finally introduced its own video segment.

The company is first bringing the feature to a limited group of 500 influencers, i.e, popular professionals having a large group of followers. It will allow these people to post a clip of maximum 30 seconds.

Initially, these people will response to general questions from their network or general communities surrounding their area of expertise. So, you might see Richard Benson answering serious questions on entrepreneurship through a 30-second LinkedIn video.

LinkedIn has launched a separate app called “Record” for influencers to record these video clips. It will arrange videos according to the topic of interest so that users can browse through them at one place. And if it sounds familiar to you then it is actually more or less like a question and answer session on Quora.

These videos will appear in the regular news feed like any other item. However, unlike those irritating automatic play videos on Facebook, they will play only when a user clicks on them. The videos will play on a black immersive screen both on desktop and mobile app.

It is not that LinkedIn does not have videos at all on its network. Businesses and specific people can upload videos on their profile pages to give more information about their company or persons.  And then there are videos through external links to Youtube and other video platforms. In fact, the company claims that video is already a “somewhat” popular medium on the network without revealing any actual data.

Initially, only influencers will get access to Record app and will be able to post videos. However, the company has plans to roll it to other users as well in future. It has followed the same strategy during the launch of its Publishers network.

Talking about the same, Jasper Sherman-Presser, a product manager working on LinkedIn video content said,

I think that playbook [of first tapping Influencers and then expanding to others] has been successful for us. We see this as part of the tools that people can use to successfully build out their personal brands.

Although LinkedIn has ventured into video quite late as compared to its contemporaries but one could atleast see sensible videos on its network as compared to those “funny” cat videos on Facebook or Youtube or those “cat/puppy filter” clips of people on Snapchat.

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