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Pokemon Go is just unstoppable! Crosses 100 million installs worldwide

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The viral augmented reality based game Pokemon Go continues to remain viral (though with lesser rage) after a month of its launch. Just a week after it crossed 75 million installs, the game has now passed 100 million installs . According to App Store intelligence firm App Annie, the game achieved the feat over the last weekend.

Earlier, Pokemon Go was also the fastest game to pass 50 million downloads on Android devices. It took a record time of 19 days to achieve that feat. Apple also reported the same saying that the game had most number of downloads in the first week of its launch than any other app.

The most important thing, however, is that makers of the game have also succeeded in monetising this insane level of popularity. As reported earlier, the game is registering a daily revenue of over $10 million on both Android and iOS since the launch.

In fact, the initial frenzy of the game even led it to beat social media giant Facebook in daily user engagement. It was also able to surpass Twitter in terms of daily active users.

However, at present, there has not been any significant effect on revenues and average time spent on other apps and games. Although games like Clash of Clan and Candy Crush Saga saw a slight dip in their revenues when Pokemon Go came, they have come back to previous levels.

But the continuous increase in the number of installations shows the crazy popularity of the game around the world. Companies even came up with their own products and services with a splash of Pokemon Go to attract customers. For instance, Microsoft added Pokemon Go screenshot detector in the latest One Drive update.

Then there came a website which can tell you when the servers of Pokemon Go are about to crash. If that was not enough, some companies came up with trackers to catch Pokemon and other tricks to go ahead in the game.

Pokevision was one such company which helped game players to see the location of characters on the map. However, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke had objected to these third party apps.  He had said that these services would take the fun out of the game (rightly so!!).

Following those comments, Pokevision and other third party apps had to shut down their services. Pokevision clarified its decision to shut down and said that it was to respect “Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes.”

Nevertheless, Pokemon Go makers are planning to come up with more exciting features in future. These include customizable PokeStops, new trading and training features, and more Pokemons! So we may continue to see those number of installations climbing upwards further.

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