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Xiaomi may launch its Daydream compatible, VR Headset on August 1

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Xiaomi, one of China’s largest tech corporations that shot to fame on the back of its innovative and affordable smartphones, is not limiting itself to just phones. That’s a known fact. Well, it appears that after air purifiers, TVs, bicycles and the more recent — laptops, the company is getting ready to take the VR world by storm as well. Yes, Xiaomi may announce a VR headset of its own come August 1st.

Xiaomi General Manager Tang Mu has reportedly confirmed the fact that Xiaomi is working on a virtual reality headset compatible with Google’s Daydream platform. The integration is important because considering that Daydream was announced only last month, the compatibility will provide Xiaomi’s VR headset,with the latest in associated technology.

The need for such a product has definitely existed and its surprising that a company like Xiaomi, which has everything from toothbrush to laptops laptop in its portfolio, took so long to launch a headset. Sure, there are other manufacturers selling VR headsets but none of them come optimized for the company’s homespun MIUI skin that adorns its smartphones.

Meanwhile, a bunch of teasers available on Weibo are certainly suggestive of August 1 as the big day. If true, this would mark the third big announcement in recent days including the Mi Notebook Air, and the Redmi Pro smartphone. We could of course show you the images mentioned, but unless you know Chinese, they are not going to be of much use. More importantly, a dedicated Xiaomi VR account (@XiaomiVR) was recently discovered on Weibo and that further strengthens the notion of an impending launch.

It will be interesting to see what kind of strategy the Chinese hardware upstart adopts for its headsets though. Will it sell them to work with any device — which may boost headset sale — or will it configure them to work only with its own smartphones — which may drive up handset sale.

Either way, we can hope for a headset that comes with a lighter price tag as compared to competition. Xiaomi is known for aggressively using lower prices to its advantage and hopefully, its VR headset will follow a similar strategy. As usual, the headset is expected to debut in China but given the scale of its global operations, its very unlikely that Xiaomi will keep it confined there.

What do you think? Is launching its own product in VR the right move, or should Xiaomi have focused more on modifying its MIUI skin so it could work with other headsets. Do let us know by commenting right below.

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