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The cyber war is real and we are beginning to get prepared for it: Kiran Rijiju

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The growing rate of Cyber crime in the country has finally evoked a response from the government. Union Minister of State for Home Kiran Rijiju  spoke on the issue on Friday, stating that there must be no compromise when it comes to security and the government was readying to meet the threat.

The minister expressed his opinion while while inaugurating the ninth annual summit on Cyber and Network Security. He also said that at a time when cyber criminals were increasingly going after organisations and several undesirable organisations were in turn deploying technology for their recruiting activities, no compromise with the security was possible.

We have become modern now. Earlier recruitment in terrorist organisations was difficult. Technology has made this process easier. The cyber war is real and we have to understand that we are into it. We are bound to face more challenges but we are beginning to get prepared for it.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT and industry lobby Assocham on Friday jointly held the summit “Cyber 3.0-Bridging people, process and technology” in order to increase awareness and bring dignitaries and representatives from different countries together to talk about minimizing the effects of cyber crimes.

Also in attendance was Minister of State for Electronics and IT P.P. Chaudhary who said that, with more and more the country turning to the web, the potential of harm has also drastically gone up.

We are not addressing the problems of cyber-related crimes. The impact of cyber crime is more than that of a nuclear weapon. We need to address the problems with respect to cyber crimes effectively and it can crush the economy of the world.

The event, also saw sessions upon emerging technologies in cyber and mobile security. Cyber crime is a general term that has in recent times, come to encompass activities such as as phishing, credit card frauds, bank robbery, illegal downloading, industrial espionage, child pornography, scams, cyberterrorism, creation and/or distribution of viruses, recruitment activities for illegal outfits and so on

India has seen a definite spike in cyber crimes in recent days that have ranged from siphoning money from accounts to recruiting people for the ISIS. The country recent stood among the top 5 nations to be attacked by ransomware. And trends show a slope that is only going upwards.

In a recent debate in the Loksabha, Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir had said  that 5693 cyber security-related cases were registered across the country in 2013, 9622 in 2014 and 11,592 in 2015. The major issue faced by the government is a lack of trained manpower, although it is taking steps to rectify it.

A strong effort by the government as has become the need of the hour. Just last month, After a White House meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama, a joint statement was issued that said that India and the United States will sign a framework for the bilateral cyber relationship between the two countries within the next two months. The deal hasn’t been signed yet but along with other major efforts that need to be made, it should give a push to our efforts in preserving the cyber sanctity of the nation.

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