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400 million pictures later, Prisma arrives on Android

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After overawing iOS users with its unique and unheard of photo manipulation tactics that have lead to some very interesting results, Prisma has finally arrived on Android! The application, which was this summer’s ultimate sensation — and it actually took pokemons to steal its crown — is now available for download through the Google Play store.

Originally launched exclusively for the iOS platform, Prisma was just another photo editing application until users discovered the unique “art” they could create by blending in say a classical artist’s signature style with their very own pictures. There was no looking back after that and in the app has already been installed in over 10 million iOS devices, with over 400 million pictures prismed.

The application achieves this by deploying a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, which as the developers rather poetically put it “turns memorable moments into timeless art.” The results are actually quite impressive and i have been held mesmerized by pictures of Charlotte, after they were passed through the app — Charlotte being my cat.

Android users were rather put off by watching Apple users flood social networks with these cleverly modified pictures, while they were left with poor replications as android developers rushed to create something of the kind. However, hopes were raised when talk about a closed Beta program surfaced just a few days ago. Well, Prism has decided to jump the ropes and launched a full version that brings all the capabilities of the iOS version to Android.

Meanwhile, the only challenge before Prisma will be handling the huge influx of users it is almost certain to receive. While the actual filter application process is impressively quick, the servers were under severe strain after the sudden surge in its popularity on the iOS platform and indeed, the app became unresponsive several times for many users. The Prisma servers are in for a significantly harder pounding, however judging by the launch, perhaps the company has already upgraded its servers in preparation of the onslaught.

Meanwhile, in case you are even remotely interested in art and photo editing and similar pursuits, i really suggest going to the Play store and checking the new app out. Happy Prisming!

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