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Pokemon Go to get customizable PokeStops, new trading and training features, and more Pokemons!

pokemon go new features
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Yayyy!!!!! Pokemon Go creators gave fans more reasons to rejoice as they revealed their future plans for the maddeningly popular game. At the Comic Con of San Diego, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that the team was working together to bring updates and new features to the game.

The new features include breeding of Pokemon, custom PokeStops, training improvements, trading features, and most importantly new Pokemon characters. Hanke said that at present their team was working hard to keep the servers running and reliable.

Let’s have a look at some of the revelations which John made at the tightly packed ComicCon event:

Custom Pokestops

Hanks said that in future we can lure Pokemon characters near a particular Pokestop. Players will be able to get alternate items which could function as Lures (to attract Pokemon). In addition to this, Pokestops can also have objects which could turn it into a temporary healing location.

New characters

Pokemon Go currently has 150 characters from original game series. Many people have already started to claim that they have caught all characters.  Hanke said that the company was looking for interesting ways to expand the universe of Pokemon “beyond first generation”. However, he did not give any particular timeline as to when players can see this update and catch more Pokemons.

Trading and breeding features

Pokemon Go team is currently working to develop trading features. Notably, trading was an integral part of original Pokemon series of games. Trading allows players to exchange their Pokemon characters which they might have caught more than once. We can also see improvements in breeding feature of Pokemon Go.

Training improvements

Many Pokemon Go players have demanded improvements in training procedure inside the game. At present, the only way to train their characters is by catching more of the same kind and then exchanging them for seeds. In this way, they can power up a basic CP stat.

Another way is to make characters fight at gyms to improve experience and power ranking of the gym. But, several players have expressed a need for better training methods and the Pokemon Go team can make changes in the same.

Pokemon Go team has also finally revealed the faces of team leaders in the game. We now know that Candela heads Team Valor, Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic and Spark heads Team Instinct.

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