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Microsoft cashes in on Pokemon Go craze, adds Pokemon Image detector with other improvements in OneDrive update

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Unless you are living under the rock, you must be now aware that the whole world is running after Pokemon Go. Even companies are not leaving any chance to cash in the popularity of the insanely viral game. Microsoft too has tried to incorporate a bit of Pokemon Go element in the latest update of OneDrive.

OneDrive now comes with an automatic detector of Pokemon Go screenshots of your phone. So, if you have switched on camera upload in Onedrive app of your phone, these screenshots will get saved on OneDrive.

And using the Poke detector, OneDrive will automatically identify Pokemon Go screenshots from your phone. It will sort them under a separate tag like it does with other common pictures. Later, you can also search these screenshots by the name of Pokemon characters.

Explaining the reason behind this unique add-on, OneDrive team wrote in a blog post,

We know that the Pokémon* craze has captured everyone’s attention. A lot of players take screenshots of their captured Pokémon to show off to their friends—both digitally and in person. We had to make it easier for you to find all your Pokémon screenshots, so we went to work and partnered with Microsoft Research to bring a Pokémon detector to OneDrive.

The latest update to file and photo storage service of Microsoft also comes with automatic albums and improved search experience. Let’s take a quick look at these features in the latest update.

Automatic Albums

OneDrive can now discover high-quality images from pictures taken at a particular location in a short period of time. It will automatically add these pictures to an album and notify you when they can share those pics via Onedrive app. So, you can find all amazing pictures from your weekend ready in an album on Monday to get over your Monday blues may be!

On This Day

Microsoft has incorporated a feature similar to On This Day notification of Facebook which allows users to revisit their old memories. Similar to it, users will now be able to see photos in OneDrive from previous years on the same day. This as per OneDrive team is a great way to relive birthdays or anniversaries or to remember old family vacations.

Improved Search and Photo folders

Users can now search photos by a particular tag, locations, and even emojis. OneDrive has enabled this feature in All Photos view also. These searches will also work in mobile app of OneDrive.

In addition to this, OneDrive has introduced a dedicated view for all Photo folders. This allows users to access all folders from one place. The new view comes with a hero image, larger thumbnails and a revised menu to help you create an album quickly and share photos.

Updated App Experience

OneDrive has also improved the experience of Windows 10 Photos app. When users sign in with a Windows account, they can find their Onedrive photos at one place. This also includes album automatically created by OneDrive. One can also upload local pictures and albums to OneDrive to access them from all devices.

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