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HiGrit gets seed money for its platform to ease legal compliance paperwork for startups and indivduals

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First we had startups deploying technology to solve various problems associated with mankind. And now we have startups helping other startups actually start on their business journey. An example of the latter is HiGrit – A startup that is aiming to organize and simplify legal search and improve and modernize consumer’s access to legal assistance.

The company has raised an undisclosed amount from Ashish Mahajan and Sarvesh Sharma, co-owners of web design company Osvin Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. The company is planning to use the funds for product development, including launching an Android app by the end of July and initiating calling facility for instant legal consultations.

An estimate puts India’s lawyer+chartered accountant headcount at well over 700,000. However, getting hold of one when you need some legal or financial advice can be an extremely difficult job. This is exactly the gap HiGrit is looknig to plug through its online platform.

The concept is not new, we have similar platforms bringing Doctors and other medical professionals closer to their patients. However, HiGrit is focusing on the demands of those who wish to stay within the law in their affairs and transactions by consolidating the legal sector in India. The company offers several services associated with the niche.

While the HiGrit Start & Manage business services allows individuals as well as business to select a customized legal service catering to their needs within the constraints — including financial — set by them, the company’s Free Q&A forum lets user post queries and get them answered from experts in the domain. Users who are fussy about posting about their issues on the Internet can also seek advice through call for instant on-demand legal consultations.

Finally, the Book an Appointment feature can let users search for local lawyers and book a consultation with local lawyers. The process is extremely simple and is initiated by user’s entering their location and the expertise they require. Then, its a simple matter of sifting through the lawyers’ profile for and booking an appointment with the lawyer of their choice.

HiGrit says that it’s major USP is the fact that it is not taking away business from local lawyers but is providing more of it to those who join its ranks. This also makes sure that the lawyer put on a particular case is very like;ly to be from that same region and thus familiar with the local manners.

It also supports our claim of being an enabler by not getting a service request from southern state and employing a northern state legal professional to complete the service. Most of the competitors are using centralized located professionals to complete service thus taking employment from local professionals.

The company is doing pretty well since its recent inception. In fact, as per a press release by the company, it has already achieved an Alexa Indian ranking of under 10,000 in merely 5 weeks since launch.

The HiGrit core team includes Manish Singh, — who has worked as EU Compliance Specialist at Amazon’s Europe Headquarters, at Luxembourg — and Ashish Singh, who worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant in US, after completing his masters in Information Systems from Illinois State University. The founders have done a pretty great job of putting the company together and raising funding in barely a month.

HiGrit’s future plans include launching an App for Android as well as iOS in August. It is also working on a service that will let startups make sure their startup is compliant with the law and is able to benefit from the various active government schemes, by making a single call.

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