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Google turns to its billion plus users to improve its mapping capabilities

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Google has decided to capitalize upon the power of its one billion plus map users. It has introduced some brand new features that will put greater map editing and info adding powers at the users disposal. The company announced the same through a blog post, today morning.

Maps is one of the most frequently updated application on the planet. Combined with Google’s own team of dedicated engineers, users across the world continuously suggest and make changes to maps, in order to make them as accurate as possible. Well, Google is making things easier for all these unsung heroes.

Each day, we make million of updates to Google Maps throughout the world. But it’s still not enough to ensure that every single restaurant, shop or landmark worldwide has the most accurate information possible. That’s why we’ve been rolling out new, easy ways for you to help keep the neighborhoods and places where you hang out up-to-date.

Maps already lets users add missing places and edit existing business or landmark information. Google has expanded upon the already available features by making changes that will now let users make edits from both the Google Maps app (Android, iOS) and through Google Search as well. Not only will this make the task of entering edits a lot easier, but will also

let people contribute new and updated information to Google Maps from more places—whether they’re searching for a new restaurant on or looking for a nearby convenience store while on the go.

Secondly, Google wants to make it easier for its users to add more details about a place — rather than just its geographic location and the bare essential facts. Along the same direction, users can now contribute whatever they know about a place from either Google Maps for Android or while even searching from their mobile phones.

This will let others can benefit from the information while also build a kind of a culture around maps. And you can add almost any kind of information, as long as it is relevant.

You might want to know if a place has a romantic vibe, serves vegetarian food or offers outdoor seating.

Or if it is haunted by dinosaur spirits, or has a twisted tree stump that grants wishes.,..or….or….you get the idea. I am not sure if it will work quite this way, but something tells me that we may just see fans adding info associated with Pokemon Go, soon as well.

Finally, the search giant has introduced a new way for users to help approve edits suggested by others. For places that have pending suggestions that have not been published yet, users will see a notification stating that “Someone suggested new info.” If you are familiar with place, simply tap the notification to help verify whether a particular suggestion is accurate.

This way, each of the suggested edits will generate votes and once enough votes are received by a particular edit or change — making its accuracy very likely — it’s published to the map. This new way of doing things means that changes are published to the maps far more quicker than say, letting a verified user look at the suggestions first, and are likely to prove to be more accurate as well.

Meanwhile, this feature is available to Android users on the Google Maps app and to both Android and iOS users on the mobile Google Search.

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