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Niki, the AI chatbot that lets you order anything and everything, gets major upgrade with improved design and NLP tech

niki 2.0

Niki, the Ratan Tata-backed AI powered chat bot which lets users order anything via chatting with the bot, has introduced its biggest update so far termed as Niki 2.0. The update brings many significant improvements and features to the AI powered chat platform.

These include improvements in product design and user experience. Also, now users can book buses on Niki with the help of a new and advanced natural language processing technology, though the company hasn’t divulged much details on the new NLP they have deployed.

Niki is basically an artificial intelligence chatbot which simplifies the ordering experience of people. People can chat with Niki just like they do with any other person. They can order anything through the chat interface of Niki.

The platform deploys the use of natural language processing technology which allows it to understand the common language of people. It also makes use of machine learning so it keeps getting better with time as more people use it.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of Niki 2.0:

Improved product design

Niki 2.0 comes with a one of a kind design element, wherein the messages are actionable. This allows the user to move ahead in any conversation on Niki 2.0 in the most intuitive. For instance,  the conversation experience itself will get precise and personalized as a user advances on the Niki platform.

Niki2-Demo1      Niki2-Demo2      Niki2-Demo3
In this way, Niki 2.0 provides much more convenience to the users through optimization of every step of the user journey. Furthermore, performing recurring transactions is a matter of a second now on Niki 2.0, with Niki’s intelligent reminders further supplementing to the convenience.

Enhanced user experience

The team has introduced a section on the product in Niki 2.0, which helps a user to further enhance their Niki’s experience. Here Niki intelligently comes up with the most relevant and meaningful information required for every unique user to have them entail maximum from the product. Providing this, a user can potentially reduce their time to order by over 10X times.

Niki2-Demo4 Niki2-Demo5 Niki2-Demo6

Tech upgrade

The new Niki 2.0 also enables bus booking powered by one of the most advanced language processing technology. The bus booking experience on Niki 2.0 has been designed to be completed in the most natural manner. She understands complex user filters and promptly comes up with the best bus recommendations. With a dynamic state machine in place, she remembers the context of the conversation and let the users move naturally.

Before this major update, Niki already supported different kinds of orders like bill payments, cab booking, recharge, food ordering and cricket scores. In April this year, it had partnered with LimeTray and Burger King for chat based food ordering service.

It plans to offer more ordering services in future like hotel booking, event ticketing, laundry services, and doctor appointments. Niki typically works with brands and channel partnerships to generate revenues on every order processed on its platform and by offering chatbots to brands.

The platform has partnered with more than 25 brands so far. The company claims to have a user base of more than 40,000 spread across India.

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