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Data analytics startup Sagacito secures $10 million from Star India

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As businesses continue to grow in size and scale, so is the need of data to make important decisions. Consequently, data analytics has emerged as an important tool for all modern companies. And along with it, the number of data analytic startups have also increased in recent times. Joining these startups is Sagacito Technologies which has secured close to $10 million from Star India for its predictive data analytics offerings.

Star India will also become its first client after the deal. According to a report in the Livemint, Star India has invested $1 million for 10% equity and another $8.2 million through a build-and-operate model. It will use tools and services of Sagacito for five years under this model.

Commenting on this investment,Prateek Garg, head of business development at Star India said,

Star India has identified big data and analytics as one of the focus areas, and Sagacito is one of our partners in this pursuit. To help Sagacito accelerate its growth, Star India has decided to make a minority investment in this business.

Sagacito helps both online and offline businesses in making better decisions through its predictive data anaylsis technology.  It claims to go beyond conventional data manipulation and computation capabilities by using internal and external databases to create measurable insights.

Talking about the same, Ravi Dhariwal co-founder of Sagacitio says,

The most important decisions a company has to make are on pricing and their offering. Our analytics tools will study transaction data both online and offline and can be used across all sectors will help better decision making.

Dharival founded Sagacito Technologies along with Arunabh Das Sharma. Both have worked as top executives at Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd (BCCL) before founding the company together.

Explaining about Sagacito further, Sharma said,

We’re trying to find solutions to very real problems of businesses that exist. All business leaders are coming to terms with tougher times, especially with so much technological disruption; companies are looking to cut costs and are clearly not making enough margins.

Sagacito aims to expand its data analytic offerings across a range of sectors. These include healthcare, cargo and logistics, hospitality and consumer products.

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